Phase 1 Value

“Phase 1” is the foundation of a system we hope will become a robust, integrated, shotgun sports platform. Slay Clays has three distinct customers, Shooters, Clubs and third party Companies. Below, we outline the value we bring to each.

For Shooters

Integrated Shooter Dashboard – Everything you need in one dashboard. Upcoming shoots (location based), shooter resources, ATA Averages, and Gamification.

ATA Averages Data – Averages data with shoot history at your fingertips for registration and classification purposes.

Shoot Finder – Why clutter your calendar with a shoot that’s 2000 miles away that you’re not going to go to? After entering your address in your profile, your shoot calendar is customized to your location. You see the closest shoots first and are able to zoom out in radius to see more shoots.

Range Finder – Similar to the Shoot Finder, the range finder is also location based. See all the ranges in your area first with the ability to zoom out across the world.

Gamification V1 – In supporting our mission of increasing participation in registered shoots, we want to give back to the shooters. We are putting together reward packages based on total registered target counts with products from our sponsors. We exciting plans for gamification that will elevate shotgun sports to someone unbelievable.

For Clubs

Create Club – Our Club Finder currently has 1,500+ clubs, but if your club isn’t listed, create it!

Manage Club Details – Get your club details out to the masses. From hours of operation to types of ranges and amenities you offer, all of those details can be managed from our platform.

Consolidated Shoot Calendar – Post all shotgun shoot types (Trap, Skeet, Sporting, Olympic). One place for all your shotgun shoots. This includes registered, non-registered, charity and fun shoots.

Boost Shoot – Want to get more visibility to your shoot? Advertise based on location on Slay Clays. Who’s more likely to shoot at your Skeet event, another shotgun sport shooter. Boosted shoots will be seen by all Slay Clays accounts in the radius you select.

For Companies

Advertise by location – Local, regional or nationwide, third party companies can get the visibility they need.

Updated on April 27, 2023

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