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Slay Clays Ranking System

Ranking section as seen on the Shooters Dashboard.

Slay Clays has its own proprietary ranking system. In version 1.0, ranking is based on total registered targets across all shotgun disciplines (Trap, Skeet, Sporting, Olympic Trap/Skeet) for the current calendar year.

This ranking system will be backed by rewards and incentives from our industry partners. Shooters will be able to “unlock” or achieve different incentive packages throughout the year based on these rankings.

In version 1.0 of the Slay Clays Ranking System, you’ll be ranked against others in the same County, State and United States.

This capability is ground breaking for our industry. Version 1.0 is just the start, we have an exciting roadmap that is sure to cause excitement.

Updated on February 19, 2023

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